I don’t know about you but milestones are always a catalyst for reflection. Every year when my birthday rolls around I find myself looking back and asking the same questions. Did I make the most of this year? What did I learn? How am I better? Are there ways that I want next year to be different? The same goes for the New Year and it seems that this travel anniversary will be an additional opportunity for introspection and growth. Thanks for adding your questions to the ones that were already lingering in our minds. It’s been fun for us to talk about them, deliberate and ultimately answer them.

So, here it is, everything you wanted to know! We’ve taken some liberty in combining a few of the questions that were extremely similar and condensing some down to the heart of it just for the sake of formatting. If you click a box below, you can read our answer and simply continue to scroll through the various questions by hitting the arrow just below the answer.

Here’s a big, fat Cheers! to an absolutely unforgettable year and your continuous encouragement. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of this fantastic experience!