What do you miss most of the comforts of home?

A screenshot of me skyping my sister and niece, Chloe.

The tangible benefits of being with our loved ones. We keep in pretty constant communication with our family and friends via Facebook and Skype so what we really miss is touching and smelling them – HUGS!!!

FOOD! It sounds ridiculous when you consider that we are traveling in places boasting some of the world’s best cuisines but you can’t help but crave your old familiar favorites. At least once a week (if not more) one of us will pose the question “if you could have anything to eat right now, what would you want?” Of course the answer is never something that we could actually have. Recently it’s been pepperoni pizza with jalapeños and ranch dressing. I’ll have to settle for delicious Tikka Masala instead.

Thanks, Randi Lounavaara. -Ashlie

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