What is it that you have realized you cannot live without after shaking off all possessions and living moment to moment as you do now?

Adrian doing a pushup in our guesthouse in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

We have two big backpacks. Within each backpack is a very humble amount of clothes and our day-to-day accessories (lotion, vitamins, medicine, water bottles, books, portable speakers). We also have two smaller daypacks that the contents of will debunk the essence of your question. Within each daypack we have our own computer and our own external hard drive. Not to mention, we each have our smartphone with us. So, to suggest to you that we have truly ‘shaken off all possessions’ would be inauthentic.

I’m not sure there is anything I’ve realized that I truly cannot live without, but my closest answer would be exercise. My mind, mood and energy levels all thrive tremendously when I’m active. But, doing so while traveling is not always easy. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of the gym, or any sort of physical routine, for months. Having done no exercise (other than the hike through the Himalayas) since we left Chiang Mai April 1st. Add to that an extraordinary amount of Snickers, French Fries and Tibetan Breads (basically oversized, deep-fried sopapillas that are redonkulously good) over the last three months, and I’m feeling as soft and lethargically out of shape as ever.

But, after writing this, starting tomorrow, day 366 of our travels. I’m recommitting myself to some sort of daily physical movement. So, thanks for your question and kick in the pants, Cindy Kim Davis!


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