Who is the most interesting person you’ve met?

Ashlie and a elderly woman in a Vietnamese village outside of Hanoi.

My answer is this woman and I don’t even know her name.

We met her briefly during a walk through her village. We stopped into her house long enough for her to pour us a cup of tea, offer us a mouth full of betel nut chew, take some photos and steal some hugs. Her energy was lively and generous. I really wish we’d asked our guide to stay with us and help us translate a proper conversation with her. The history of Vietnam still new information to me, I was curious to know what life was like for her during the war. She managed to raise six children on her own while her husband was supporting the Viet Cong, a time in history where they lived in tunnels and fought like hell for their country. I had loads of questions for her but they all remain unanswered. I promise you she rivals any of the fabulous people we’ve met for the title of most interesting, I just don’t have her whole story to back it up.

Thanks, Kathy Mitchell. -Ashlie

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