Image Of The Day: Show And Tell

A young child playing in the recreation center at Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot, Thailand.

We spent the day in Mae Sot, a small town situated on the Thai/Myanmar border. It is noted for being a primary trade hub between the two countries and home to an abundance of Burmese migrants and refugees. It is also home to the Mae Tao Clinic. Dr. Cynthia, a Burmese refugee forced to flee her country over 20 years ago, began serving her people in a one-room building that has grown into an organized clinic, serving over 150,000 displaced people per year. We toured the facilities today and it is quite obvious what an invaluable resource it is for the people of this area and beyond, many who take great risks to arrive at this location where they can receive free treatment, minor surgery, vaccinations, birthing assistance and more.

I met this little one in the recreation center, a room set aside for children who have accompanied their families to the clinic and need a place to play while their loved ones are treated. A handful of kids sat quietly in the floor, playing with legos and this little girl approached me as I sat near her teacher, curious but reserved.

*Notes: The ‘paint’ on her face is Thanaka, a yellow powder made from tree bark, applied to the face as a natural sun blocker and a method to cool hot skin, most everyone you see is covered with it. The Mae Tao Clinic relies on government and individual donations, you can check out their site to learn more and to support the good work they are doing for the Burmese people.

Ashlie was born in Big Spring, Texas and has claimed Dallas as her home for the last 10 years. A life long love of travel, a healthy dose of curiosity and a desire to discover other worlds has set her off on the adventure of a lifetime. She takes with her a passion for photography and a commitment to make a difference wherever she goes.
  1. Valeri Reply
    What a great picture. More evidence of living fully and living freely. How did you get wind of this clinic? Did you "volunteer" or just visit and hang with those beautiful children? If always feels So good to give of your self freely. Makes my heart feel - well floaty. Kind of like when the Grinch discovers he has a heart and it swells and it swells... It especially happens for me with animals and children. On a side note Mama seems to be doing well 50% of the time. She is back to work all the time. I know its hard but she is fighting the good fight! I think in anothe month or so she will be another 25% better and ahe will be back to her old self. I think she is doing great mentally- financially she will never speak of bit I know its been tough and scary. I think the hardest part is over though :-) i personally amd ready for some poppy seed chicken amd meatloaf and mashed taters! Hope you are having a wonderful trip. I live looking at all of your pictures and hearing all of your stories. I am jelly- xo
    • Ashlie Reply
      We heard about this clinic through a friend of Adrian's who travels extensively (all over the world) with a gap year program. Adrian told him we would be in Mae Sot for a visa run and he suggested we stop in for a visit. We didn't volunteer, just learned about the facilities and spent a little bit of time with the kids, it was great. I know the feeling of wanting some poppy seed chicken and meatloaf! I personally want some chicka chicken casserole and homemade salsa!!

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